1550 Dunbar Rd, Cambridge, ON N1R 8J5 | 519-740-6855 | info@isocamb.com
  • A Focus on Learning
    Grade 3 students read books to Principal Dr. Safdar Muhammad. Mutual respect and cooperation are taught to all our students.
  • The Highest Standards
    ISOC's teachers are qualified and certified, and regularly attend workshops to improve their skills.
    Our classrooms are equipped with smart boards and projectors, and students have access to Chromebooks to assist them in their studies.
  • High Quality Education
    International School of Cambridge was the highest ranking elementary school in Cambridge in 2017 and 2018 according to the Fraser Institute's Report Card on Ontario's Elementary Schools.
    We strive to uphold the highest quality of education in all aspects.
  • Enriched Learning Environment
    We provide our students a rich variety of experiences across various platforms, and encourage creative thinking.
  • State of the Art Facilities
    Classrooms are equipped with smart boards and high speed internet, and students are encouraged to learn about new technologies.
  • Islamic Centre of Cambridge
    ISOC is owned and operated by the Islamic Centre of Cambridge. The ICC offers many programs and classes for our community, see more at http://www.iccambridge.com.
  • Hifz Program
    ISOC Hifz Program Students study memorization of the Qur'an full time
  • Kindergarten at ISOC
    ISOC has clean, brightly lit, fully interactive facilities for both Junior and Senior Kindergarten
  • Spacious Building
    A spacious, clean building means students have room to move around and play safely
  • Competitions and Activities
    ISOC Students take part in various competitions, activities and challenges throughout the year, such as the Annual Spelling Bee, Qur'an Recitation Competition and Science Fair.
  • ISOC Library
    A large library allows students access to hundreds of books